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The disconnection that keeps us separate from ourselves, from each other, and our planet is the primary reason why we experience and witness so much suffering and unresolved trauma. Western Medicine is a far cry from dealing with this type of imbalance, as it tends to focus on the symptoms of disease rather than the mental, emotional and spiritual components of health.

In modern day, we’re privileged to have access to the timeless wisdom of the ceremonial holders and their medicine. Beyond simply symptoms, we can unearth the emotional, energetic and spiritual roots of disease that exist in our subconscious programming — releasing those unresolved trauma blockages that keep us shrouded in pain, suffering and unhealthy patterns of relationship.

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Ayahuasca Tea is a psychoactive brew that contains MAO-I’s and the psychedelic substance DMT. It is used by the shamans and healers of the Amazon since thousands of years to treat various physical and mental illnesses, to gain insights about life and the nature of existence or to communicate with the spirit world using a psychedelic trance that lasts several hours.

Within the last few years Ayahuasca Tea has become more popular in the west and many people travel to the Amazon to find healing and insights.

What can Ayahuasca Tea heal and what not?

Ayahuasca Tea has the potential to heal various mental and physical illnesses, also studies in the recent years that suggest that Ayahuasca, LSD or Magic Mushrooms help’s with anxiety, depression, drug addiction, PTSD and other mental illnesses and are much more effective than psychotherapy drugs when they are taken in the right setting. However, psychedelics should be avoided if you are suffering from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

What effects will Ayahuasca have on me?

Ayahuasca Tea can reach from painful and terrifying to mystical experiences. It also depends on the setting in which Ayahuasca is consumed, as well as the physical and emotional condition of the person that consumes Ayahuasca.

In many cases Ayahuasca causes vomiting, sweating, diarrhea in cleansing people having physical toxins and emotional baggage.

The consciousness altering effects kick in about 20-60 minutes after the tea has been consumed after which emotionally charged visions are often experienced. Many people report that they have let go of fear, anger or trauma after the plant helped them to face these issues.

Why do people drink Ayahuasca Tea?

As we all come out of a world pandemic, things remain fragile and complex, As society continues to edge closer to tipping points socially, culturally, politically and economically. we also witness the desire for that which is sacred, whole and balanced.

This is where the sacred plant medicine called ayahuasca comes in. Passed down from a long-standing lineage of indigenous Amazonian groups, ayahuasca Tea has existed as plant medicine healthcare for thousands of years.

why do people go to great lengths to drink ayahuasca?

The reasons are limitless reasons that attract people from all walks of life to this sacred medicine.

  • Eating disorders
  • Childhood trauma from either physical or sexual abuse and neglect
  • Relationship issues from childhood or adulthood
  • PTSD from war or abuse
  • Loss of a loved one and ensuing grief
  • Disease as a result of ignoring our body’s signals for help (or what says ‘when the body says no’)
  • Surgeries of any kind
  • Looking for greater purpose and clarity in life

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